Dušan Joksimović (S.A.S.) received the award for cinematography at the festival “Slika u pokretu”

For the fourth time, from November 13 to 16, the Festival of Recording Performances “Slika u pokretu” was held at the Museum of Yugoslav Cinematheque. This year’s laureate is director of photography Dusan Joksimovic, who won the award for his feature film “King Peter the First”.

A three-member jury, composed of Argyris Theos (Greece), Dejan Dimeski (Northern Macedonia) and Kosta Glusica (Serbia), decided on the awards and judged that the cinematographic work on the movie “King Peter the First” left the most striking impression and once again confirms Joksimovic’s unbridled talent.

Three years earlier, Dusan Joksimovic received the same award for his work on another film by Lazar Ristovski, “Train Driver’s Diary”. As stated in the award’s statement in 2016, Joksimovic created a work in the movie “Train Driver’s Diary” with extraordinary visual settings that “bring authentic artistry and sophisticated styling, which he accomplished in close collaboration with decor and costume authors.”

The festival of filmmaking “Slika u pokretu” was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, with the assistance of the Yugoslav Cinematheque and the Film Center of Serbia, organized by the Serbian Association of Cinematographers (S.A.S.) with the idea to present the work of the director of photography.

The movies in which directors of photography were able to achieve the visual unity of the image throughout the film were chosen by festival selector Miodrag Misa Milosevic, while the festival director was director of photography and S.A.S. President Predrag Bambic.