“King Petar the First” – the best film at the Serbian Film Festival in Chicago

The three-day Serbian Film Festival in Chicago ended with the award ceremony. This is the seventh Serbian film festival to carry the slogan “Towards light without borders”.The jury, which included Jesse Charbonier, founder of the First Florida International Film Festival, Joshua Chicoine, founder and director of the Chicago International Festival of Music and Film, Stefanija Djokic, political scientist, and Mila Filipovic, journalist, gave the award for the best feature film to “King Petar the First”, for which the director Petar Ristovski and actor Ivan Vujic also received awards.

Receiving the award, Petar Ristovski said he is extremely honored to be a part of the festival and expresed appreciation for the invitation and warm welcome and hospitality.


“It is an honor for me to be a apart of the Festival and to welcome my family, who is part of the film crew. Many great and good films have been made in Chicago, so I feel like I’ve been here before. I grew up with domestic cinema, but always with one eye on the old and new Hollywood.

I do not have to explain the importance of this Festival, and especially through films with such patriotic themes, because every person needs to know where he belongs. Historical films like these are practically eternal cultural monuments, helping us to remember who our ancestors fought for freedom.


That’s what I had in mind while working on this film, and stories about our ancestors that enabled us to fight in some other fields today. The name Petar means stone, rock, so this is some kind of King Petar character I wanted to portray. Working with parents was not a problem, we professionally understood that family relationships should not be interrupted, although it is impossible to eliminate them completely.

This is my debut film with a good dramatic and emotional charge, while meeting the expectations of the public and the audience. This was the biggest movie project in Serbia in the last 10 years, both in complexity and in production, so I also plunged into it. The movie was finished due to end in 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of World War II.


The Oscar nomination is also important, for me and for the production, it is a great honor to represent Serbia with this film in America, it may also open some doors for new projects. ”


In addition to the director, the festival also hosted actresses Teodora and Danica Ristovski, who along with actors Milos Biković and Miodrag Radonjić attended screenings and a press conference.

The festival this year was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of NATO’s bombing of Serbia.

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