At just-completed JIFF-Jaipur International Film Festival in India, “King Peter I“, won Award for Best Feature Film. The grand prize of this festival is the beginning of our film’s international journey and proof that the story of the heroism and sacrifice of the Serbian people in the Great War has been recognized by film professionals in the world as well as by international audiences.

The feature film “King Peter I”, the directorial debut of Petar Ristovski, participated in the Sopot Film Festival, held from July 2 to July 6, which was produced by CEBEf, with the assistance of host CZK Sopot. At this 48th Festival in a row, the PUBLIC AWARD went into the hands of King Peter I. The award was presented by a jury of Sopot citizens: Danijela Velikinac, Goran Krco, and Marija Rajšić.

This award was preceded by a film script festival in Vrnjacka Banja, at which the film “King Peter I” received a special award.

At the 54th Film Meetings in Niš, Radovan Vujovic won the award for Best Male Episodic Role, and Milan Kolak for the role of Marinko Spasojevic received the Award. Film meetings in Nis ran from August 25 to August 30. During the second festival evening, after the screening of the film King Peter I, the audience of Niš was presented with the protagonists of the film, accompanied by numerous ovations and applause. Actor Lazar Ristovski thanked for the beautiful reception and wonderful applause and added: “This is the 40th year that I am coming to this festival. Thank you for all those years for being the most wonderful audience in the world! ”

The film successfully made its way to cinemas in the South Korean market and was screened at the Chicester International Film Festival, which took place from 8 to 25 August in the UK. Over the years, Zillion film has produced several films as a producer or co-producer, and according to the number of films produced and the frequent performances of our films at the most famous foreign festivals, Zillion film production is one of the most successful film production companies in Serbia.