,,King Peter the First’’ – Serbian candidate for OSCAR


Justice is slow but still achievable! Or, justice is satisfied!


“We probably won’t get an Oscar for this movie, as many Serbian films did not get before us, but we did get a chance for “King Peter the First” to be seen by a large part of the world, and of course, about 4000 members of the “American Film Academy”. We’ll do our best to find some money, to invest them in film presentation, so that the world can see the true face of Serbia, and in their minds not to be left with the wrong image from Paris, at the celebration of the centenary of the First World War, or an image from Poland where there was no Serbia present and whose well-deserved glory was taken by someone else.

“King Peter the First” is the first film in which we have invested not only strength but also faith, because if we did not believe, we would be defeated by haters who were active in their pursuit of hindering us on our path to success. Those, the quasi movie connoisseurs, the quasi intellectuals and the quasi connoisseurs of humanity and ethics, and especially the quasi nationalists, will be sad because the Serbian Oscar nominee is “King Peter the First”. A commission of our Academy, which included over 20 eminent and renowned filmmakers from all fields; from actors, directors, set designers, editors, critics, decided in our favor and we wish to thank them for that confidence. Thanks to all those who helped to make this movie. The whole crew, the extras who participated in the movie. I wish to thank everyone, to the last collector of fired cannon casings.

This film, with more than 200k viewers, was one of the most wached movies in Serbia.

He has just begun his international life and has already won a Grand prix at a festival in India, as well as numerous awards at domestic festivals. What is important for the producer is that it has been sold in several countries around the world.


I said a long time ago that the true hero of this movie was Peter – King Peter the First and my son Peter, who directed this movie. We made it without hatred, just as King Peter did not hate anyone. We made an anti-war film that talks about great evil, but at the same time about the great heroism and suffering of a Serbian peasant, who knew that the word Fatherland meant the same thing as Mother, as Earth, as Father and Son. I am not afraid of pathetics as we were not afraid of noble pathetics even in the film. Every art must be pathetic and radiate emotion, because otherwise it is not art.


Oscar, how pathetic that sounds.”


Lazar Ristovski