Lazar Ristovski guest of the “Panorama” Festival in Turkey

Buca Municipality in Izmir (Turkey) hosts the Balkan Panorama Film Festival, which this year brings together movie lovers for the fifth time from December 23 to December 27.

This year’s guest of the Festival will be well-known Serbian actor, director and producer Lazar Ristovski, and his film “King Peter I”, which is a Serbian Oscar nominee, will have its first screening in Turkey. After the screening, Ristovski will speak with the audience together with festival founder and director Sali Saliji.

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch 25 feature and 10 short films, including the premiere of the Turkish film Chaos, with director Semir Aslanyurek and Macedonian film Medena Nok, with producer Robert Jazadzki. The films will be screened at the Tarık Akan Youth Center organized by Dokuz Eilul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film Design.

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