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King Petar I series

A tired war veteran and a former king, Petar Karadjordjevic, wants to put Serbia on the path of peace and prosperity. But, turbulent time imposes great sacrifices on everyone and demands the toughest life decisions from the Old King. The time of the Great War.

Genres: political – war drama

Release Date: 10 March 2019 (Serbia)

Directed by: Petar Ristovski

Writing Credits:
Vladimir Cosic
Petar Ristovski
Milovan Vitezovic

Team of authors

Series Cinematography by:
Dusan Joksimovic

Series Set design by:
Aljosa Spajic

Series Costume design by:
Boris Čakširan

Series Makeup Department:
Dusica Vuksanovic

Series Film Editing by:
Lazar Predojev
Milena Predic

Series Sound design by:

Aleksandar Protić
Nikola Janković

Series Visual Effects by:
Borisa Simovic – supervisor ICODE studio for visual effects
Ivan Colic – supervisor DIGITALKRAFT studio for visual effects

Series Composer:

Miodrag Cicović

The King Peter I series was the most-watched feature TV program at the time when it was broadcast with 32.4% of the share.


 Episode #1.1 (2019) on IMDb

King Petar comes to Serbia after the assassination of Alexander. He needs to take power over the state and wisely balance between military and civilian powers. First he needs to dismiss some dangerous elements that organized and executed the assassination of his predecessor. In this risky task his biggest ally will be experienced army field Marshall Mr. Radomir Putnik.

Release Date: 10 March 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.2 (2019) on IMDb

Petar is outwitting the prime minister Nikola Pasic and military branches especially new and up and coming Secret Service leader Apis, about the power over state institutions. Behind his back, his older son and heir to the throne, Djordje is having a love affair that could seriously jeopardize his public reputation and estrange him from the throne. Apis puts Djordje on a test of loyalty and realizes that he will never be a serious leader who could collaborate with their service. The rift between Petar’s two sons is widening.

Release Date: 17 March 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.3 (2019) on IMDb

The crisis of the illegitimate annexation of Bosnia by Austria is shaking political powers throughout Europe. Apis and his Secret Service leaders are getting dissatisfied with Serbian mild politic attitude regarding this problem. They perform a plot together with Petar’s younger son Alexander that will exclude his older brother, prince Djordje once for all from the throne. Djordje is just helping them with his stubbornness. He performs a scandal insulting the Austrian ambassador on a VIP party King Petar and Prime minister Pasic organized in order to open negotiations between Russia and Austria two leading powers at the moment. Everything ends with the abdication of prince Djordje and King Petar’s great despair. In the next 4 years, Serbia gets into two wars. Prince Djordje gets a Medal for Bravery both times. Serbia comes out victorious from both of the two wars, territorially expanded, but exhausted in wounds and great human losses, divided with inner conflicts between the leading structures.

Release Date: 24 March 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.4 (2019) on IMDb

Crisis between Serbia and Austria is deepening. Alexander was declared successor to the throne. But will he be fit for the duty? Apis and Secret Service are supporting the members of Mlada Bosna in their plans to perform a diversion in Sarajevo. On the other side, Prime minister Pasic through his channels managed to hear some rumors about the diversion, and he is trying to alarm the Austrians. Serbia needs to avoid another war at all costs. Dark times are coming and King Petar seems to feel it in his bones. Everything smells like another war is coming.

Release Date: 31 March 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.5 (2019) on IMDb

Austrian army marches into Serbia. Regent Alexander is trying to cope with the situation. Serb military is mobilizing and preparing to meet the opponent on rugged terrain near mountain Cer. One hundred thousand modern rifles that King Petar secretly imported during his governance is to be proved as a wise move that will help every soldier to be a serious threat in close combat. First brutal killings of Serbian civilians are performed in villages near river Drina. Youngster Momcilo Gavric survives the execution of his entire family by the chance of luck and runs in front of enemy rifles in order to join Serbian soldiers and get his revenge. In another village named Slovac, a youngster Marinko Spasojevic is thrilled because he will have a chance to fight just like his late father did. He is mobilized like every other lad from the village. Everybody expected an attack to come over the river Sava but the first close encounter of two armies happened in the foothill of mountain Cer. Serbian field general Stepa Stepanovic organizes an outstanding infantry march that surprised the enemy.

Release Date: 7 April 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.6 (2019) on IMDb

Marinko meets experienced lance sergeant Zivota, a new inseparable friend who helps him to be deployed into a cannon crew even though he didn’t undergo training for 2nd cannon assistant. Austrian and Serb army cross swords in the region of mountain Cer. The very first battle of World War 1 occurs. The Serbian army is victorious. Marinko saves Momcilo from the battlefield and they become friends. Makrena, Marinko’s mother, goes after him scared that he will catch a cold because he forgot to carry the woolen socks she knitted for him.

Release Date: 14 April 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.7 (2019) on IMDb

Serb army is retreating ahead of Austrian and German onslaught. But general Zivojin Misic has an idea for a counter-attack in order to repeal full-scale invasion. Other field marshals are against it because cannon ammo is insufficient. King Petar promises he will find the ammo, and he leaves to them to work out in detail general Misic’s idea. King Petar uses his political skills, and he manages to persuade allies to send the needed ammo. Apis intercepts a Bulgarian bomb squad and secures the transport of the ammo through the Macedonian railroad. The ammo arrived but the dimension of the shells is inappropriate. Serbian field engineers overcome this problem by narrowing exhaust shell rings staying awake for two days. Austrian units are absolutely unprepared for a counter-attack that is going to happen.

Release Date: 21 April 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.8 (2019) on IMDb

After defeating the enemy Serb armies are forced once again to retreat because Bulgaria joined the enemy side and a triple invasion is coming. Retreat on the onslaught of the enemies. Trying to find her son among the scattered Serbian units Makrena follows the army to Kosovo.

Release Date: 28 April 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.9 (2019) on IMDb

After King’s speech in Prizren, the Serb army typhoid fevered start retreat trough Albania, headed by the king himself. A new enemy is to be faced, ferocious winter in the Albanian mountains called The mountain of Doom. Occupiers of Serbia commit various atrocities against Serb people. On the day of the retreat, Makrena finds king Petar in a crowd of people on the outskirts of town Prizren and gives him the socks she knitted for her son Marinko realizing that a great period of time shall pass after she will hug him again. King receives the socks and gives his wow to Makrena that he will hand over the socks to her son. Marinko is on the head of the retreating columns destroying the cannon together with his lads from the unit. After they have thrown down the abyss their cannon they buried their comrade who succumbed to his wounds. King’s quest after Marinko starts, but he is crushed physically and mentally. Apis gives him a hint where Marinko could be.

Release Date: 5 May 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.10 (2019) on IMDb

Soldiers, animals, the whole nation is running in front of Austrian persecution. While the Serb army is suffering heavy casualties while retreating through Albania king is trying to find a lead to Marinko’s battery. On the other side of the mountain, Momcilo is sick and exhausted and the command is that every soldier incapable to walk on his own feet is left to die. Marinko refuses to leave Momcilo to die in the snow and Zivota argues with him about it. In the end, Zivota leaves the two of them and follows the rest of the soldiers towards the mountain peak where the units will consolidate. Marinko and Momcilo find a shelter, and they survive the night. Zivota has a guilty conscience and begins to remorse. King and Zivota retreat lines cross each other and Zivota picks up a book that has fallen of King’s cart. He starts using book paper for rolling his cigarettes. Army and civilians are scattered all over the mountain of Doom and most hazardous moments are yet to come. Kings all hopes in finding Marinko are almost lost.

Release Date: 12 May 2019 (Serbia)

 Episode #1.11 (2019) on IMDb

Marinko and Momcilo are lost and alone somewhere in the snow. They both have a fever. But Momcilo seems to be in worse condition. King is following the trail Apis gave him. Zivota is on his own for a long time now and the guilty conscience is eating him out. He started digging his own grave in the snow when Apis finds him. Marinko and Momcilo are going to go through one more night in the snow but this time without shelter. Marinko feels this is his last night. He writes down a good buy letter for his mother and puts his coat over Momcilo. It’s clear he surrendered. Makrena dies, her heart breaks after her son. She felt his soul leaving this world. King finds Marinko frozen to death the next morning but under a coat, there is something trembling. That’s a small Momcilo who survived the night thanks to Marinko’s coat. The next day the army arrived at the sea. Zivota ended his life on the Albanian beach smoking his last cigarette no more or less with the king himself.
After two weeks finally, the Serbs arrived on the island of Corfu in Greece. Army received medical treatment from allied medics. Momcilo Gavric became the youngest non-commissioned officer in the world during the First World War. Months have passed and preparations for forming a battlefront near Thessaloniki advanced. King Petar prepares to go with a ship to France.

Release Date: 19 May 2019 (Serbia)


Petar Ristovski


Petar Ristovski was born in 1986 in Belgrade. He graduated in film and TV directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He works as a director and producer at the Zillion Film Production Company. His most significant project in his career so far is the movie “King Petar The First” (2018) as well as the TV series of the same name, which at the time of broadcasting was the most watched TV program in Serbia. His notable films include “Panta Draskic – The Price of Honor” (TV film)(TV movie), “Island of Fear” (Documentary, two episodes),“Where’s Nadja?”(Feature film, graduation film by director, director of scene VII),  ” Window “(TV drama),” Merry 90s “(pilot episode – sitcom), The Station (short, feature film), Opin’s most teenagers (short, documentary) , FIST 03 (documentary) , The Caring Father (short feature film) , First Pass (short, documentary) Unlock Me (short, silent film). He has directed three theater productions, “When Dreams Come True, You Cannot Live In Them,” “Get Out,” and “Saligia.”

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