“The Man Who Bought The Moon” premiered in Belgrade

The comedy “Man Who Bought The Moon”, the most watched domestic comedy in Italian cinemas in the last five years, premiered last night at the Cineplexx USCE cinema in Belgrade. Zillion Film has acquired the rights to distribute this film on the territory of Serbia and immediately after its premiere it will start its cinematic life outside Belgrade.

On the occasion of the premiere, film director Paolo Zucca and lead actor Jacopo Cullin arrived in Belgrade. At a press conference that preceded the premiere, they addressed the press, along with Paola Cordone, director of the Italian Cultural Center and host and one of the main actors, Lazar Ristovski.

“I would first like to thank the Italian Cultural Center for supporting us to bring Paolo and Jacopo as guests at the film’s premiere. Distributing films that carry the artistic line is always difficult and we, as Zillion, have ventured to buy this film for distribution. I hope the audience will love and watch this movie, ” Ristovski said at a press conference and expressed special thanks to Marko Ckonjevic and FAME Solutions as distributor for Serbia.

Director Paolo Zuka has also written a screenplay for his film, and the movie is based in his native Sardinia and follows a local fisherman, played by Lazar Ristovski, who has promised a woman he loves to give her the moon. And, the Sardinians are known to always keep their promise.