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Tomorrow morning

 Sutra ujutru (2006) on IMDb

Serbian Oscar Nominee

The film TOMOROW MORNING is a story about love and friendship. After twelve years spent abroad, the main character returns to his native city, where he meets his old love, friends and parents again They spend four days together and after that nothing will be the same in their lives. TOMORROW MORNING is a love drama. It speaks of a deep passion, sensuality, tenderness, jealousy, possessiveness , infidelity – conflict between irrational and rational.

Producer: Lazar Ristovski
Screenwriter: Milena Markovic
Director: Oleg Novkovic
Director of photography: Miladin Šolaković
Production designer: Nevena Ristić
Composer: Miroslav Mitrašinović
Mask designer: Tatjana Lipanović
Editor: Lazar Predojev
Sound: Dejan Peković


Uliks Fehmiu, Nebojša Glogovac, Nada Šargin, Lazar Ristovski, Ljubomir Bandović, Radmila Tomović, Danica Ristovski, Miloš Vlalukin, Ana Marković, Nebojša Ilić, Jelena Djokić, Renata Ulmanski, Branko Cvejić, Elizabeta Djorevska.


EUROfEST 2008 – Special Mention Award for the Movie
MOSKVA – ZLATNI VITEZ – 2008 – Diploma for the direction of the film TOMORROW MORNING –Oleg Novkovic
MOSKVA – ZLATNI VITEZ – 2008 Diploma for the secondary role in the film TOMORROW MORNING – Nebojsa Glogovac
Film Festival Cottbus 2006. – Main Prize for Best Film
Film Festival Cottbus 2006. – FIPRESCI prize
Film Festival Cottbus 2006. – “from cottbus to cinema” – distribution support prize for a festival film
Karlovy Vary 2006 – EAST OF THE WEST AWARD /SPECIAL MENTION – Second award


Sopot – THE STATUE OF LIBERTY – Best film at the Festival
Herceg Novi – GRAND PRIX 20. – GREAT GOLDEN MIMOSA – Best film
Herceg Novi – ZLATNA MIMOZA for female lead role, Nada Sargin
Herceg Novi – ZLATNA MIMOZA for editing, Lazar Predojev
Herceg Novi – ZLATNA MIMOZA for music, Miroslav Mitrasinovic
Niš – CARICA TEODORA, Nada Šargin
Niš – BEST EPISODE, Nebojša Glogovac
Niš – AUDIENCE AWARD, Lazar Ristovski
IFF Alexandria – best screenwritter, Milena Markovic
IFF Alexandria – best actress, Nada Sargin
ICFF “BROTHERS MANAKI” Bitolj – Special mention, Director of photography -Miladin COLAKOVIC
Minsk 2006. – best screenwritter – Milena Markovic
Prize FIPRESCI – awarded by Serbian critics to Oleg Novkovic as the best director in 2006
Prize FIPRESCI awarded by Serbian critics to Nada Sargin as the best actress in 2006.



Karlovy Vary – Jun 2006
Montreal – the World Film Festival – 24.08/04.09
Palić – 21.07.2006
Motovun – 24.07/26.07
Herceg Novi – 01.08/06.08.2006
Niš – 22.08-29.08
Alexandria / – 07.09/13.09
Bitolj – IFFK “Braća Manaki” – 26.09-01.10.2006
Kopenhagen – 21.09/01.10
London – Raindance IFF – 27.09.-08.10.2006
Haifa – Film Festival – 07.10/14.10


Ghent – Flanders IFF – 11.10.-21.10.2006
Torun/ – 18.10/22.10
Sao Paulo – international film festival – 20.10. – 02.11.
Ljubljana – 10.11.-24.11.2006.
Cottbus Film Festival – 14.11.-18.11.
Thessaloniki Film Festival – 17.11.-26.11.
Tallinn – Black Nights Film Festival – 23.11/10.12
Minsk – November 2006
Istanbul – December – 2006
IFF Chennai – Indija – 15.12/22.12.2006
18. Palm Springs International Film Festival – 4-15. januara 2007
IFF / SAN FRANCISKO – od 14.01/18.01.2007
Tromsø International Film Festival – Norway – 16.-21. januara 2007
Clevelend IFF – 15.03-25.03.2007
8th Las Palmas De Gran Canaria International Film Festival, od 16. do 24. marta, 2007.
11th Sofia International Film Festival od 01-11.03.2007
IFF CROSSING EUROPE/Linz/ Austrija od 24.04.-29.04.2007
Wroclaw, Poland – 7.ERA NEW HORIZONS International Film Festival, od 19-29. Jula 2007.
IFF BRADFORD – od 09. do 24.03. 2007
Festival “EVROPA OKO EVROPE” , festival Normandija 2007, od 26.03. do 06.04. 2007
IFF BUCHAREST od. 04. do 14.05. 2007
Trencinske Teplice; Trencin, Slovak Republic - 15th International Artfilm Festival, from 22-30.06.2007
IFF SEATTLE od 24.05. do 17.06. 2007
Sarajevo Film Festival from 17-25.08. 2007 - in FOCUS programme
AYE AYE Film Festival, NANCY, France from 31.08 until 09.09.2007.
North Cape Film Festival, Norway - September 13 - 16, 2007
6 Transilvania Internacionalni Filmski Festival – Cluj Napoca, RUMUNIJA – Jun 01 – 10, 2007
28th Mostra de Valencia / Cinema del Mediterrani – od 16-24 oktobra 2007
IFF KOLKATA, West Bengal, India od 10.do 17. 11.2007
SERBIAN FILM FESTIVAL, Australia - October 25th - November 11th 2007.
First Annual Vancouver Serbian Film Festival - from November 25th - 30th 2007.
FILM FESTIVAL in RUSE - Bulgaria – February 2008
FILM FESTIVAL in PLOVDIV - Bulgaria – March 2008
Tiburon International Film Festival - March 13-21, 2008, California, USA
EUROfEST - The Eastern European Film Festival in Montreal, 19-25 September 2008
1st Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, 06-09 November 2008, Utrecht ,The Netherlands



Karlovy Vary – Tomorrow morning


Karlovy VaryA Zillion Film production, in association with the Serbian Ministry of Culture, the City of Belgrade. (International sales: Zillion Film, Belgrade, Serbia.) Produced by Lazar Ristovski. Directed by Oleg Novkovic. Screenplay, Milena Markovic.
With: Uliks Fehmiu, Nebojsa Glogovac, Nada Sargin, Lazar Ristovski, Ljubomir Bandovic, Radmila Tomovic, Danica Ristovski, Milos Vlalukin, Ana Markovic, Nebojsa Ilic, Jelena Djokic, Milos Andjelkovic, Branko Cvejic, Elizabeta Djorevska, Nada Blam, Renata Ulmanski, Miroljub Leso.
(Serbian dialogue.)
An emigre’s return to Belgrade to get married becomes the occasion for several emotionally fraught and drunken reunions in “Tomorrow Morning,” Serbian helmer and docmaker Oleg Novkovic’s (“Why Have You Left Me”) third fictional feature. Script set up and docu-style handheld look rep nothing new, but pic offers a credible portrait in miniature of a lost generation and a culture shaped by a civil war which is never directly mentioned here. Meaty perfs by the ensemble and solid helming should ensure a fest career dawns for “Morning,” even if sales prospects look iffy.


After 12 years of working in the computer business in Canada, Nele (Uliks Fehmiu) returns to the rundown Belgrade housing project where he grew up. He plans to marry Maya (Ana Markovic), who is about 10 years younger than he is, but first he wants to reconnect with his old friends and family, who he left behind.
The women generally give Nele a warmer reception than the men, especially his put-upon mother (Danica Ristovski), his sexy but alcoholic ex-girlfriend Sasha (Nada Sargin), and another former flame, Ceca (Radmila Tomovic). Ceca is now married to Nele’s old friend Bure (Ljubomir Bandovic), who envies Nele’s popularity with the femmes. More friendly is former heroin-addict Mare (Nebojsa Glogovac), who runs a local bar.
In the old days, everyone was shagging everyone in this tight-knit circle whose members spent most of their time taking drugs, drinking and just hanging out. Nothing much has changed.
Nele, suffering from a classic case of exile guilt — especially in regard to his best friend Sima (Milos Vlalukin) who committed suicide after he left — is quickly drawn back into the routine.
Screenwriter Milena Markovic, who collaborated with helmer Novkovic on short docu “The Miner’s Opera,” has a background in legit, which shows here, particularly in the somewhat stagy set piece scenes. Still, pic offers a spot-on rendering of this grungy milieu without sentimentality, although some auds may find main characters less than sympathetic.
Vital info about the backstory is withheld consistently, such as why Sima committed suicide or why Nele’s father (eminent Serbian thesp Lazar Ristovski, from “Underground”), is so hostile toward his own son. But, such obliqueness adds a realistic feel.
Thesp ensemble members play off each other nicely, and project an impressive amount of feeling with their modest portions of dialogue. Femme thesps are especially good.
Tech package is par for low-budget course, with lensing favoring long takes, and editing including abrupt cuts that add an edgy tone.
Camera (color, HD-to-35mm), Miladin Èolakovic; editor, Lazar Predojev; music, Miroslav Mitrasinovic; production designer, Nevena Mijuskovic; sound (Dolby Digital), Dejan Pekovic. Reviewed at Karlovy Vary Film Festival (East of the West), July 2, 2006. Running time: 84 MIN.


Leslie Felperin


Oleg Novkovic

Oleg Novkovic, a film director, was born in Belgrade in 1968 and in 1993 graduated from the faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in the class of Srdjan Karanovic. His professional career began with the film “KAZI ZASTO ME OSTAVI” (“WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME”) which won recognition thanks to its strong antiwar message and was among the first pacifistic films made in the territory of former Yugoslavia. Novkovic’s poetic expression is powerful and authentic. The author has dedicated his films to specific social themes and the criticism of society where emphasis is laid on the violent passions of “ordinary people” at the cruel times of transition and grave crisis of moral values.

      Produced by Zillion Film, Belgrade. Screened at national and international festivals (Karlovy Vary –EAST OF THE WEST AWARD/SPECIAL MENTION, Motovun, Montreal, Alexandria, Copenhagen, Bitolj, Ghent, Haifa, London, Sao Paolo, Thessalonica, Cottbus, Ljubljana, Minsk…)
      Produced by Komuna, Belgrade, ZDF/ORB Berlin, Pandora Film Frankfurt. The film won prizes at national and international festivals (Cottbus, Mannheim, Huelva, Moscow, New Delhi, Cologne etc…) It was broadcasted on TV stations: ARTE, ORB, ARD, YDF, 3 sat.
      Screened at national and international festivals (Moscow, Athens, Rotterdam, New York, Boston, Edinburgh, Mannheim, Vienna, Cottbus, Paris, Bologna…) Presented on TV station ARTE.
  • RUDARSKA OPERA (MINER'S OPERA) 2005, , (FEST –Beograd, Motovun, Maribor…)
  • DECA ( CHILDREN) (prix Europe, Berlin)


Milena Markovic
/scriptwriter/drama writer/poet/


Milena Markovic was born, in Zemun, on April 9, 1974. She has completed her education at Primary and High School in Belgrade.

In June 1998, in Belgrade, she graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art, in the Dramaturgy Department, having presented her drama titled “Pavilions, or where I am going to, where I am coming from and what’s for dinner.”In December 2001 she won the Special Prize for the drama “Pavilions” at the Vienna Theatre m.b.h.


In Aprile 2001 was premiere of the “Pavilions” at the Yugoslav Dramatic Theatre in Belgrade, directed by Alisa Stojanovic. In the same year, in June, the “Pavilions” was placed on the repertoire of the National Theatre in Skoplje, directed by Srdjan Janicijevic.

In October 2002, at the Vienna Theatre, was the premiere of the same drama, directed by Zijah Sokolovic.


The antothology of poems titled “The Dog which has eaten the sun” was published by Flavio Rigonat, at Belgrade in Aprile 2001. The anthology came out in three editions.

Milena Markovic’s drama,” God had mercy on us -the Tracks” took part in the summer residence of the Royal Court Theatre in London in the period from July to August 2002.The opening night of the “Tracks” was in Belgrade, in November 2002, at the Yugoslav Dramatic Theatre, directed by Slobodan Unkovski.Next year, in May , the same drama was played in the Polish town, Poznan, directed by Rafal Sabara.

In November 2002, Ms Markovic participated in the reading of poetry in public, with her Anthology of poems, at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. The same Anthology is expected to be translated and published in Sweden in the near future.

In Octobre 2003, was published the second Anthology of Ms Markovic’s poems under the title ” The Truth is in the heath” . The publisher was LOM Flavio Rigonat.

In June, 2004, drama “The Tracks” took part at the festival “Sterijino pozorje” in Novi Sad, directed by Rafael Sabara and was awarded a Special Prize for text.

At the end of June, 2004, her drama “The Tracks”, in the performance of Yugoslav Dramatic Theatre, took part at the Festival of Modern Drama in Weisbaden. In the same year it was published in the German theatrical journal “Theater Heute”.
In September 2004, Ms Markovic participated in the project “SWITCH”, the exchange between the Nordic and Balkans’ countries, the reading of poetry in Stockholm and Goetebourg.

In the period from December 2004 to January 2005, she wrote a screenplay and participated in shooting of a short documentary film “The Miners’ Opera”, in the Serbian town Bor, directed by Oleg Novkovic.

On February 11, 2005 was the opening night of her new drama “The Wood Glitters” at the SCHAUSPIELHAUS theatre in Zurich.

In November, 2005 was the premiere of her drama “The Tracks” in Achen, Germany.
In Octobre 2005, she won the prize “Borislav Mihajlovic Mihiz” for her dramatic creative work related to the drama “The Ship for Dolls”.

She wrote a script for the film „Tomorrow Morning“ directed by Oleg Novkovic.

Her poetry books are Black Buckthorn (LOM, 2007), Bird’s Eye on the Trail (LOM, 2009), Before Everything Begins (LOM, 2011), Songs for Live and Dead (LOM, 2014). )

Nahod Simeon, the Forest of the Blisters, the Wire and the Dragon. Her successful and award-winning drama too.

For the book “3 Dramas” she received the “Miloš Crnjanski” award in 2007.


Milena Markovic has written a script for feature films Tomorrow morning in 2007, White, White World 2009, and Fatherland in 2015. All these achievements were directed by Oleg Novkovic. In 2016, Milena received at the 44th FESTU Prize for best scenario for the film Fatherland.




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