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Pressed by the dreams of a better and more just life. Overwhelmed by the experiences of students, pupils, workers, peasants and honest intelligentsia struggling to cope with the times of transition and an unnatural evolution of society, what’s more, the Serbian way, the main protagonist Dile, whose factory has gone bankrupt, decides to take things into his own hands.
Dile gives an impassioned, revolutionary speech and invites people to a revolution.
”Serbia is tired of bad news and something has to change. We have long lived in capitalism, only people have not yet been informed about it. That is why April is the time for us to start settling accounts. We humans are endangered species just like the white lions ”
Whether this is just a dream of a revolution, or a real call to take part in it, that is something you are going to find out in the tragicomedy The White Lions.
At the end of the film, Dile sings RADNIČKI REP(Workers’ rap) which contains all the answers.

Director: Lazar Ristovski
Screenwriter: Lazar Ristovski
Director of photography: Milorad Glušica s.a.s.
Production designer: Milenko Jeremić
Music: Tomo Babović, Mate Matišić
Editor: Petar Putniković
Sound: Velibor Hajduković, Nenad Vukadinović, Davor Omerza
Costumes Designer:: Marina Medenica
Make Up: Dušica Vuksanović
Associate Producer: Ivan Maloča
Producers: Petar Ristovski, Lazar Ristovski


Lazar Ristovski, Gordan Kičić, Hristina Popović, Vuk Kostić, Zorica Jovanović, Mira Banjac, Nikola Simić, Luka Jovanović, Aleksandar Filimonović, Milan Tomić, Monika Kiš.


Pune international film festival (PIFF) – India | 2013
Bucharest festival | 2012
Second Moscow international cinema forum | 2012
Durres international film Summerfest | 2012
Tuzla film festival | 2012
FIPRESCI Award – ALBANIA – DURRES – International FF | 2012

2011 | Pula film festival
2011 | Antalya Golden Orange FF
2011 | Cinedays 10 Skopje
2011 | Mojkovac festival
2011 | Nis festival
2011 | Zabailkalsky International film festival


Lazar Ristovski

Member of the European Film Academy

Lazar Ristovski is one of the most prominent Serbian actors. He has played in over 80 movies and directed 2. Lazar Ristovski is the founder and CEO of the production house Zillion film. With Lazar Ristovski in charge, Zillion film has produced and co-produced 17 feature-length films in twenty-three years, the films that participated in all major world festivals. We have been in Kan, Berlin, Toronto, and won prestigious awards. Our movies have been sold around the world. Lazar Ristovski was the leading actor in Kusturica’s cult film Underground which won the Golden Palm.

As a producer, Lazar Ristovski has always been bold and innovative. He has always been open to new ideas and has given a chance to young directors. As an actor, he has an impressive biography and he is an acclaimed producer. His debut film, The White Suit was screened as part of The International Critics’ Week program in Cannes.


  • 2019. LEECHES 
  • 2018. WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS – The role of Karlo
  • 2018. KING PETAR I – The role of King Petar I Karadjordjevic
  • 2018. THE MAN WHO BOUGHT THE MOON – the role of Taneddu
  • 2018. NEVERENDING PAST – A man looking for a dead son (segment “III story”)
  • 2010-2017. THE VILLAGE IS BURNING, GRANDMA IS COMBING (TV series) – The role of Jovan
  • 2016. DRIVER’S DIARY – the role of Ilja
  • 2016. WORLD CHAMPIONS – the role of Tito
  • 2016. AUF KURZE DISTANZ – uloga Aco Gorić
  • 2016. ON THE OTHER SIDE/Zrinko Ogresta/lead role
  • 2015 PANTA DRAŠKIC PRICE OF HONOR – the role of Panta Draskic
  • 2015 FOR THE KING AND ABROAD – the role of Djeneral Mirkovic
  • 2014. November Man– Roger Donaldson
  • 2011. The White Lions by Lazar Ristovski lead role
  • 2009 HONEYMOONS – by Goran Paskaljević
  • 2009 SAINT GEORGE SHOOT THE DRAGON – by Srđan Dragojević – lead role
  • 2009 DEVIL’S TOWN – by Vladimir Paskaljevic
  • 2007 S.O.S. – Slobodan Sijan – lead role


  • 2006 The Optimist’s – by Goran Paskaljevic- coproducer and lead actor
  • 2006 Tomorrow Morning – by Oleg Novkovic- producer and actor
  • 2006 A Tailor’s Secret – by Milos Avramovic – producer and actor
  • 2005 Well Tempered Corpses -by Benjamin Filipovic (lead role)
  • 2004 Midwinter Night’s Dream -by Goran Paskaljevic (lead role and co-producer)
  • 2004 Falling Into Paradise – by Milos Radovic (lead role and co-producer)
  • 2004 The King of Thieves -by Ivan Fila (in German) (lead role)
  • 2003 Small World -by Milos Radovic (lead role)
  • 2001 Boomerang – by Dragan Marinkovic (lead role and producer)
  • Berlin Film Festival – Panorama section
  • 1999 The White Suit
    • autorski film Ristovskog (režiser, pisac, glavni glumac i producent)
    •  Premijera na filmskom festivalu u Kanu u okviru programa Nedelja kritike
    • -“The White Suit” was the Yugoslav entry for the Oscar Awards in the U.S.
    • Dodeljena mu je nagrada za «Umetnički film» -Gibelina –Italija
    • na Panorami evropskog filma u Atini – osvojio je nagradu kao najbolji film u evropskoj konkurenciji
    • na Festivalu Mostra de Valencia –osvojio je nagradu za najbolju fotografiju-Milorad Glušica
  • 1998 The Powder Keg (Cabaret Balkan in US) by Goran Paskaljevic
  • Proglašen za najbolji evropski film (FIPRESCI) i za najbolji film u svim kategorijama od strane kritike na Filmskom festivalu u Veneciji –glavna uloga
  • 1998 Goodbye 20th Century , a Macedonian film by Darko Mitreski and Aco Popovski (lead role)
  • 2000 – Nagrada za najbolju ulogu na festivalu- XX FANTAFESTIVAL – Miglior Attore-a Lazar Ristovski per „Goodbye 20th Century“- za film “Zbogom 20 vek”-Aco Popovski I Darko Mitreski
    FANTA u Rimu.
  • 1998 The Second Wife – by Ugo Kiti (a Cecchi Gori Group production, in Italian) (lead role)
    •  -In competition at the Venice Film Festival
  • 1997 Rage– by Slobodan Skerlic (lead role)
  • 1996 Balkan Rules– by Darko Bajic (lead role)
  • 1995 Underground– by Emir Kusturica, the lead role (Blacky)
    •  The film was awarded the Palme D’Or (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • 1993 Byzantine Blue– by Dragan Marinkovic (lead role)
  • 1992 Tito and Me – by Goran Markovic (lead role)
  • 1991 The Original of Forgery– by Dragan Kresoja (lead role)
  • 1990 The Frontier– by Zoran Masirevic (lead role)
  • 1988 Tempering of the Steel– by Zelimir Zilnik (lead role)
  • 1988 The Bizarre Country– by Dragan Marinkovic (lead role)
  • 1985 Jazol– by Kiril Cenevski (lead role)
  • 1984 Zadarski Memento– by Joakim Marusic (lead role)
  • 1983 Igmanski Mars– by Zdravko Sotra (lead role)
  • 1981 Svetozar Markovic– by Eduard Galic (lead role)
  • 1977 The Hunt– u režiji Živojina Pavlovića


  • 2011. The White Lions – by Lazar Ristovski
  • 1999 “The White Suit”
    • Premijera filma je bila na Filmskom festivalu u Kanu u okviru programa Nedelja kritike.
    • “Belo Odelo ” je bio jugoslovenski kandidat za nagradu američke Akademija za filmsku umetnost i nauku.
  • Dobio je nagradu za Umetnički film –Gibelina-Italija.
  • Na festivalu, Panorama evropskog filma, u Atini osvojio je nagradu kao Najbolji film u evropskoj konkurenciji.
  • Na festivalu Mostra de Valensia-dobio je nagradu za najbolju fotografiju-Milorad Glušica.
  • 1998 “Movie Star”- Short feature film. (22`)
  • 2016. “ON THE OTHER SIDE”- Zrinko Ogresta-coproducer
  • 2015 “Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidić”-Ivan Goran Vitez-coproducer
  • 2013 “Sveštenikova deca“ – Vinko Brešan – koproducent
  • 2011 “The White Lions” – by Lazar Ristovski
  • 2009 “Saint George shoots the Dragon” – Srdjan Dragojević
  • 2006 “The Optimist’s” – Goran Paskaljević
  • 2006 “Tomorrow Morning” – Oleg Novković
  • 2006 “Tailor’s secret” – Miloš Avramović
  • 2004 “Midwinter Night`s Dream” – Goran Paskaljević
  • 2004 “Falling into Paradise” – Miloš Radović
  • 2002 “Little Night Music” – Director-Dejan Zečević
  • 2001 “Boomerang” – Dragan Marinković- Berlinale-Panorama
  • 1999 “The White Suit”- Lazar Ristovski – Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival.
  • The white suit
  • Kako sam dobio Oskara
  • Simple stories


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