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The story whose main character is the Tailor is set in an ambiance of a dark utopian future, a city of mentally dead zombies under the firm grip of military dictatorship. Boldly, like a man on a mission, the Tailor will walk the Kafkaesque, the unexplainable, and macabre streets of a city where terror, and gloom roam freely, in his Diogenous’ search for purity, and love.

Producer: Lazar Ristovski
Director and Scriptwriter: Miloš Avramović
Director of photography: Nemanja Jovanov
Sound: Velibor Hajduković
Editor: Lazar Predojev
Art director: Kiril Spasevski
Costume designer: Jelena Nikolić
Make up: Miljana Pakić
Mask designer: Miroslav Lakobrija
Music: Irina Dečermić


Tailor – Goran Šušljik, Lieutenant – Dragan Mićanović, Colonel – Lazar Ristovski, Beaty – Marija Vicković, Dancer – Vanja Ejdus, Pornographer – Ljuba Tadić, Big Man – Milutin Jevđenijević, Girl from the floor – Nada Šargin, Grandma nata – Tatijana Beljakova, Kid – Ivan Mialilović, Brain – Igor Djordjević.

About movie

“The Tailor’s Secret” is a horror fairytale served in a film noir form. Hence, it implies characters that are quite reduced like in a fairy tale to highlight the profound meaning that the author wants to stress (Tailor, Beauty, Colonel, Dancer…).
The plot and the characters are located and gradually completed in a setting that contains elements of both classical and modern film. A backdrop where cinematic past, present and future entwine, in some sort of retro- future, strictly sticking by the film noir iconography and postulates (dramaturgy, stage design , costumes, makeup).
The Tailor (a classic film noir looser) lives in a big derelict apartment. He’s a fearful person, scared by any contact with the external world and separated from it by bulky locks on his entrance door.
His only contacts with the external world is a window on the building across the street, where the Tailor periodically watches a girl from the neighborhood dance. The Dancer.
His is occasionally visited by the Beauty, a femme fatale that the Tailor is in love with. She’s a dangerous woman, a seductress that plays a game with the Tailor as if he were her toy.
He sews a beautiful red dress for her and in return she provides him with dosed expressions of love and gratitude.
The Tailor does not know that the Beauty is connected with the Colonel who is a very dangerous man and sadistically in love with her.
One night, the Beauty manages to escape from the Colonel. She goes to the Tailor to ask his help. When she makes a confession in tears, the Tailor agrees to help her and proposes that they flee from city.
The Beauty finds out that the Tailor has been observing the Dancer and demands that he prove his loyalty to her. She asks him to kill the innocent young woman.
The Tailor, who is by now shamelessly in love with the Beauty, hesitates but finally agrees to do her bidding.



Carrying a bunch of wilted roses he heads for the Dancer’s door expecting a miracle, because he does not want to kills the innocent girl. Still, his passion for the Beauty is stronger than his conscience.
On the way to his victim’s door the Tailor runs into a number of adversities. First he is kidnapped by a sexually deranged female neighbor, and then by the Colonel’s men.
The Tailor ends up humiliated and so harassed that he turns his anger against the innocent Dancer, even though during their conversation she confesses her love for him admitting that her dancing at the window was intended just for him. Having killed her, the Tailor returns home with blood still on his hands, only to realize that the Beauty has disappeared, and that he has been deceived. He is left alone to deal with his crime.

* * *

Night, mystery… MURDER!
If we accept as true the statement that progress is caused by abandoning the borders of our comfort, what happens to man when all other possibilities have been tested except death, and abandoning the borders of this world?
One night, one city, one man, one experience!
The Tailor’s secret is an attempt to answer that question.
The story whose main character is the Tailor is set in an ambiance of a dark utopian future, a city of mentally dead zombies under the firm grip of military dictatorship. Boldly, like a man on a mission, the Tailor will walk the Kafkaesque, the unexplainable, and macabre streets of a city where terror, and gloom roam freely, in his Diogenous’ search for purity, and love.
This, in fact, simple story about a Tailor who enters into a love affair with a woman (the Femme-Fatal Beauty) who is tied in with the creators of this mysterious, and dangerous environment is told Film Noir style.
This unusual horror-fairy tale sticks to the iconographic, and dramatic postulates of Film Noir. It is about a loser who easily, and readily walks into a trap set by the femme-fatal seductress. Using her sexuality she will make him do things he knows are bad.
He was born to be destroyed, and she to destroy.
In Film Noir there are two female profiles: the dangerous seductress, and the girl who represents marriage, normal life, and a happy end. Usually everyone chooses the first profile, because deep inside they feel the absurdity of life.
To help the dangerous girl he is obsessed with, the Tailor will kill the innocent Dancer, who has always represented the other option in his life.
The Tailor will make contact with some dangerous people who want the Beauty. Tortured, and insulted by a dangerous group, and his surrounding, the Tailor will lash out at the innocent Dancer. That way he will assert his loyalty to the Beauty.
“The tailor’s secret” does not fit into a package of some films whose sole aim is to empty the pockets and hurt their emotional intelligence by explaining the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the simplest and superficial way by treating them as a bunch of malicious people.
The author of “The tailor’s secret” wants to invite you to a joint journey, and experience, where you would share your most hidden thoughts and feelings with them as a raw emotion enriched with super-ghastly characters and dialogues.
The Beauty who will abandon him, and leave him alone with his crime will deceive the Tailor.
His hands bloody, he disappears
I repeat this is a tragedy of a small man who had to leave behind the borders of this world so that he could progress. In this world, that seems to be the only option.
“I do not like to recite the action in my movies. Somehow it always sounds bad. Whether pompous or banally, it does not matter, it simply sounds bare and without a mystery. You’d better look at the movie. ”


Miloš Avramovic


Milos Avramovic

Born on 23th of March 1978 in Zemun.
Apsolvent je filmske režije na Akademiji umetnosti “Braća Karić“ u klasi profesora Miloša Radivojevića.
“Posle burnog detinjstva provedenog na beogradskim ulicama u borbi za golu egzistenciju, Miloš 2000. godine upisuje Akademiju umetnosti “Braća Karić“, u nameri da se potpuno posveti mediju sa kojim se spasonosno I odgovorno indentifikovao u ovom mrčanom vremenu.
His strong character, infuriated by demonism of time, becomes a thorn in the side of quasi-art circles, morbid society and exploiting politics of schools.
His sincerity and capability to define the problems of the time trough daring diving into the darkest depths of his heroes, finds it`s shape in a few brilliant student works as ‘’Cresendo’’,’’The Aesthete’’ and ‘’The Little Gentleman’’.
Pulling the financial plug by dangerous social factorscould not yet stop the avalanche of an elite thought and imagination, so that we can remain calm knowing that Milos Avramovic will continue to walk trough hell in his asbestos boots and listen to the wise words of his destiny.
Sa mesta gde su usta zapušena a iz džepova ispadaju tajne.“


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